During our time overseas, I learned how differently holistic health is viewed compared to the U.S. For example, why is the grocery store food seemingly much more fresh and flavorful? Also, why can't I find Tylenol and Advil on the over-the-counter pharmacy shelves? All I can find are herbs, essential oils, and whole food-based supplements. I was fascinated to discover that most people buy raw milk from the local dairy farm’s roadside stand. I also noticed that the ingredients in toothpaste, shampoos, and body wash were simple and clean.

I could go on and on. As I started incorporating various aspects of European culture into our lives here in Alabama I stumbled upon a core theme. The health routines that work for some people don't seem to do the trick for others. We all have opportunities to improve our health and optimize our mind, body, and spirit, and figuring out what aspects of your routines to change will help you further thrive in your everyday life.

Let's work together on this personal quest. Book a cellular health assessment (via a hair scan) to see where you can optimize your health. Can’t wait to meet you soon!

- Madison, Alabama -

Jennifer Alexander

HI, i'm Jennifer!

You might not know me yet, but I hope we get to know each other soon! Hi, my name is Jennifer Alexander and I live in Madison, AL. I graduated from The University of Alabama (Roll Tide!) with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and worked as an Intensive Care nurse for six years. In 2017 we moved to Germany and had our son and daughter.


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