I've worked in the medical field for several years, but it was only after I was faced with an autoimmune condition myself that I really started to ask questions, research, look beneath the surface and seek out answers to health and wholeness. That is when I began to embrace the values and principles of a holistic approach to life and health. Starting with small intentional changes to existing habits and eventually incorporating completely new routines is already yielding an amazing result of not only improved health, but a more fulfilling life. Apart from learning about health, my other passions include music, crafting with my hands, home cooked meals and gardening.

My belief is that we are all wonderfully and intricately made - mind, body, spirit - and we live in an amazing world full of life, in which everything works together.

I invite you to also embark on this journey of health and wholeness - a goal worth pursuing, a prize worth fighting for.

- Westfield, Massachusetts -

Anna Govor

HI, I'M Anna!

Hi! I'm Anna and I’m a registered nurse in the state of Massachusetts, wife and mama of two beautiful girls. My decision to embrace nursing as a profession began during my early teenage years. It was then that curiosity and interest in human anatomy and physiology began to captivate my attention. I was and still am fascinated with the human body and health, which is so complex and resilient, yet still so delicate.


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