A “stuffed down” emotion means the frequency of that emotion is “stuffed down” deep in our tissues. If left long enough, this vibration will negatively affect the function of our organs and damp our connection with life.

Working with the subconscious mind to understand emotions that are tucked away.

Have you ever had to “stuff down” an emotion because it was inappropriate to express in a particular situation? Do you feel disconnected from life?

The Emotion Code work is a gentle, non-invasive and safe approach. Only the energy of trapped emotions are identified, not the circumstance provoking the emotions.


Our subconscious mind is an all-knowing computer equipped for ultimate health and happiness. Using muscle testing and specific questioning, we follow the guidance of a client’s subconscious and identify a trapped emotion. Once identified, a therapeutic magnet is used to de-magnetize the energy of the trapped emotion via the Governing Meridian.

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