Flowpresso® delivers compression, far infrared heat and deep pressure simultaneously to encourage the body’s inner systems to activate. It helps to put the nervous system into its rest and digest state (parasympathetic mode) for 72 hours allowing healing and peace to  take over the stress state (sympathetic state) we normally live in.
For more information on how the therapies work and their benefits, read on.

What Is FLOWpresso?

Compression therapy

Infrared Therapy

Deep Pressure Therapy

Flowpresso delivers cyclic compression to different areas of the body. Each chamber inflates sequentially, before its predecessor completely deflates, to ensure a selective progressive pressure. These chambers can be programmed individually to ensure the optimal experience.

What are the benefits of flowpresso?

how often is flowpresso recommended?

- Supports the body's healing state for repair, recovery, and rejuvenation.
- Improves sports performance, recovery and endurance.
- Improves quality of sleep
improves energy and overcoming fatigue
- Supports stress management
improves lymphatic drainage with increased detoxifying results.
- Increased circulation with bilateral flow
promotes well-being, deep relaxation, and can reduce anxiety.
- Restores sense of balance and supports natural self-healing mechanisms.

Clients experience the best results with a series of regular sessions.
The more often we can achieve the parasympathetic state for our body's healing and stress-reduction, our body benefits with opportunity to reset and repair.
We recommend 3 sessions on Level 1 to begin with 3-7 days between sessions.
One session per week is ideal and there is no limit to how many sessions people can have.

For Sports Training & Fitness Boosting:
Sessions build to Level 2: Sport Mode which is ideal for training and performance.
Level 1 can greatly accelerate athletic recovery and sports injury-prevention.

How Deep Pressure Therapy Works

The technique of Deep Pressure Therapy is often used to calm anxious people - improving their coping ability and adaptation, giving their brain a better sense of where their body is to the outer world.

A light touch is often perceived as alerting and even agitating to some people, while deep pressure touch is typically calming and organizing to the senses. Applying deep pressure to the body helps create a deeply relaxing effect allowing the body to calm and release the daily stress of life. Flowpresso applies deep pressure to the body - similar to a hug - through each individual chamber, serving a profoundly relaxing effect, allowing the body to calm and release the daily stress of life. 

Flowpresso provides a PEMF type technology, using a proprietary nano vibrational technology, and is available via a chip inserted into the back piece. This frequency does not require an electrical supply but instead uses the body’s heat to activate.

Deep pressure stimulation is generally referred to as a form of tactile sensory input, which is provided by holding, stroking, hugging, swaddling, and squeezing.


Flowpresso is contraindicated for:

- Acute inflammation in progress (for instance phlebitis and thrombosis);
- Infection complications (e.g. ulcers);
- Pregnancy;
- Back or hip issues, unless approved by a  physician/doctor;
- Broken bones;
- Abdominal spinal curvature;
- Congested Heart/Lung Failure;
Pacemaker or any electronic medical implants;
- Acute or Chronic Bronchitis;
- Must be over 90 lbs and under 300 lbs.

Side effects

The side effects of Flowpresso are very similar to a massage or lymphatic therapy e.g increased urination, bowel motion and a headache. We do suggest you drink 1 glass of water prior to the session in order to get the optimal from this therapy. It is also important to drink water post therapy to reduce chances of detoxification symptoms.

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