Sound therapy uses pure healing tones and sound frequencies to vibrate the cells of your body, bringing it back to homeostasis and healing harmony. Your energy vibrates at certain frequencies. Each person has their own unique energetic vibration. It’s a signature of their body’s health and wellbeing.

Over time, food choices, emotional distress like negativity, anger, frustration, sadness, depression, stressors of every kind, and the environment we live in effect the frequencies at which our body vibrates. The result is a body out of harmony vibrating at less optimal frequencies or discord. Like a finely tuned musical instrument that falls out of tune with use, our energetic vibration gets out of its perfect healing harmony.

The best way to get your body to harmonize at its natural healing frequency. Sound therapy is perhaps the oldest and most used healing modality on the planet.

When our energetic vibration falls out of its original harmony it results in our bodies getting a different, unnatural, foreign, disharmony flowing through our bodies. This changes our health and wellbeing and effects the health of our physical body.

Health Benefits:

Restores your vibration back into peaceful harmony

Stress relieving

Restores emotional balance


Helps to break up and bring out unhelpful stress and emotional issues from the past and heal them

This is why sound therapy is so powerful. The vibration of pure tones and frequencies produced by certain instruments can help pull your body's vibration back into its natural healing harmony.

This is an optimal state for the body to release stress. Sound therapy literally "tunes" your body's energy back to its optimal frequency.

Eileen McKusick


"Your body is energy. Sound is energy. Energy is vibration.
"Since everything is ultimately vibration including the human body,
then treating vibration with vibration is logical and elegant."

A sound bath is when you lie on the ground in our comfortable, warm yoga room on a yoga mat. Bring your pillows and a blanket so you're completely comfortable (we have some for you too). We play Gongs, Bowls, Drums, and other healing instruments. We strategically place the instruments around you. We'll give you instructions and then play healing tones, harmonies, and rhythms around you. By the tones and frequencies we play we will relax your stressed mind, and take it from a stressed state (beta waves) to a completely relaxed state (theta waves). Then we play certain tones that trigger stress release, emotional release, and physical healing in the body. It's a new experience that will relax you and allow your body the peace it needs to heal. It's sound therapy at it's best!

Wear normal comfortable clothes. We want you to be warm and comfortable so you can completely relax and melt away the stress of the day. Wear sweats, or whatever you're most comfortable in. Once you get settled, feel free to kick off your shoes and snuggle down and relax.

What is a sound bath?


There's no cell, tissue, organ, or organ system in the body that is not affected by SOUND and VIBRATION. You can look at disease as a form of disharmony in the cells and tissues. SOUND and VIBRATION harmonize, balance, and bring the body back to healthy resonance. You will experience sound therapy, color therapy, breathing techniques and guided meditation to bring your mind, body and spirit into harmony and balance.

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