As a remote location, you will be able to do the hair pull with me and then receive an incredible and thorough write-up from a member of the Thrive team, they are all superstars and have so much to share! I treasure my write-ups from them, they are wonderful guides.

As a Lyme patient of 25 years, being able to take my own health into my hands has been a critical component in healing.  I am a huge advocate for taking charge of your own health. I fought Lyme disease for over 23 years without a diagnosis and never gave up on myself, even though at times I wanted too. I learned how to live on low energy and started posting ‘life hacks’ as a creative outlet for my PR and Marketing background under the name @thelindsayreport. If it wasn’t for social media, I wouldn’t have a lot of the answers to my health questions as I would have. I see social media as a curated magazine where I choose the accounts I want to see and treat it with respect. We ain’t got time to let it get us down.

I love it here in Las Vegas. The people here are fabulous and down-to-earth, and I get to see palm trees on my way to Wal-Mart. I love good food, good friends and fun tech and life-changing products and enjoy figuring it all out. I’ll be your biggest cheerleader if you need it and/or the random facts lady if you need one of those too. I am from SPOKANE and love to dabble in filmmaking as well.

I can’t wait to meet you and get you started! If it wasn’t for the hair scans, I would still have so many battles to fight without being able to identify what they are - it is an invaluable piece of the health puzzle, and I am so grateful we have it right here in Vegas!

 - Las Vegas, Nevada -

Lindsay Nielson

HI, i'm Lindsay!

I’m Lindsay! I live in beautiful Las Vegas, Nevada with my husband and four kiddos. I am so excited to be doing hair scan pulls as a remote location for Thrive Family Wellness. Hair pulls quite literally have changed my life.


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