After being diagnosed with a rare endometrial cancer at age 30 I took a deep dive into my health. I struggled to find anyone that would work with me on root-cause issues and became so confused by all of the conflicting information and diets that were out there. I tried conventional therapies which left me feeling crazy, depleted, and not like myself. Even worse, they didn’t prove effective.

Over time I became really good at reading research, finding the right people who could help, and cutting through the noise of the health world, to focus on my individual needs. I am now blessed to help others tap into their own healing ability, to see what their body needs at a foundational level, and what food and diets are actually healing and helpful for each unique situation. I feel like it’s a deeply sacred work to be entrusted with.  

When I’m not meeting with clients you can find me homeschooling and playing with my four cute kids, traveling, cooking, reading, taking a bath, or grounding. I adore my life and feel like every breath we get is a gift. I still have my cancer which spread to my lungs 4 years ago, but I have learned to THRIVE with it and not live in fear with it. I feel happy and healthy and believe your diagnoses does not define you. I can’t wait to help you on your health journey!

 - Peoria, Arizona - 

Natalie Thompson

HI, i'm natalie!

I’m a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, a trained HOCATT technician, an Emotion Code Practitioner, and a Sound and Vibrational Therapist. I love all things body, mind, and spirit healing. 


After my own diagnosis with autoimmune Hashimoto's, I learned how to support my body through nutrition, mindset, balancing hormones, adrenals and detoxing from heavy metal exposure. Through holistic approaches, I’ve been able to put Hashimoto's into remission and feel so much better. I’ve learned a lot about healing as well as holding space for things outside my control.

I love connecting with others through nutrition, breathwork, yoga and meditation as a way to share love and light.

My faith in God is a deep anchor for me. When I’m not doing yoga, I love traveling, being outdoors, spending time with family and friends, and getting messy in the kitchen. I love sharing my joy of health and healing with others.

HI, i'm AMY!

I am a Natural Health Practitioner (NHP), yoga, breathwork and meditation instructor (RYT 500). I have a Bachelor of Science from BYU. I love learning and sharing about how the body, mind and spirit are integrated.

Amy Tenney

I graduated from Brigham Young University with a Bachelors in Physical Education and a Minor in Health Education.  I have been a Group Fitness instructor for 27 years working in Corporate Fitness as well as private health clubs around the country.  Currently I am Group Fitness Director at a local gym and enjoy helping people through Nutrition and Wellness coaching.
My husband and I have 6 children.  Most have left the nest to pursue their dreams and have found wonderful spouses. Luckily our two grandchildren live just a few minutes away so we get to see them almost daily.  
Some of my favorite things include spending time with family, listening to our children sing, organizing the home, being in the sun, and studying all things health and wellness.

HI, i'm Kelley!

I love all things wellness and health, and been working in the health and fitness industry for over 30 years. I have always loved helping others learn the miracles of the body and how we can do our part to keep it strong and healthy.

Kelley McCormick

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