My childhood and early adulthood had been filled with chasing symptoms, pain, and mental disease. After becoming a wife and new mother I was emotionally burnt out by the toll my illnesses and pains had on me and now were also affecting my little family. Every doctor I met with handed me new information and autoimmune diseases. It felt like I had gone trick or treating for diagnoses and autoimmune diseases. I first collected ADHD and suspected PCOS as a very young child and teen. Next followed celiac disease diagnosed by endoscopy, rheumatoid arthritis, and Hashimoto’s, and finally DNA confirmed I had the MTHFR gene variant. In some of my most lonely moments of fighting my upstream autoimmune battles I had the strongest feeling that my body wasn’t born broken and that it was capable of healing. Implementing the DNA hair analysis and consult was my first-time experiencing relief and progress in the 20 years that I had been chasing it. I am floored that I am now managing all my ‘dis-eases’ on my own and I am honored and thrilled to be able to give this gift to others.

Our family has found a new love for homeschooling but when the kids and I are not learning together you will find me working out or leading workouts and classes. My happy place is anywhere near water. Rivers, lakes, and beaches are my happy place. I love studying and reading books on parenting styles and I believe kids are the best kind of humans. I love teaching them how to live a happy, healthy life. I am a peanut butter addict and squeeze lemon and lime on almost everything. Our family loves going camping, nature, and trying to garden. (Emphasis on trying).

I cannot wait for our paths to cross and to take our fitness and healing journeys together! Healing is possible and you deserve it!


Jordan Sharp

HI, i'm Jordan!

I graduated with my bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science with a co-study in Kinesiology. I am an Integrative Health Practitioner, Certified Nutrition Coach and Fitness instructor and Trainer. But I am most proud being a wife to Joshua and mother to the 3 most amazing littles.


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