After spending a majority of my childhood, teen years, and young adult life with a severely low immune system, asthma, chronic lung infections, and terrible IBS - I wanted to learn how to actually heal my body and find the root cause instead of putting band aids over everything. I was unhappy with how much medication I was taking AND how awful I was still feeling. I thought my body just wasn’t meant to be healthy and that I must have had bad genes! Doctors told me I would always be on asthma medication and my chronic illness would be something I would deal with for the rest of my life.

How happy I am this was not the case! I learned how to become my own advocate for health and how to use food to heal my body. I learned about the dangers of food I was eating that was causing inflammation, leaky gut, and contributing to all of my symptoms. The change I saw in my life was incredible. I went off all my medication, stopped getting sick, and started to actually feel wonderful. I realized that I had no idea how incredible my body was designed to feel.

Because of my experience I want to share this knowledge I have with everyone! You do not have to live in a chronic state of illness, discomfort, and pain. There is another way. Your body and soul were meant to THRIVE!

On a more personal note, some things I love to spend my time doing are cooking, ballet, yoga, and photography. I love creating! My husband and I have been happily married for the last 4 years and living in the beautiful state of Utah.

 - Salt Lake City, Utah - 

Megan McDonald

HI, i'm Megan!

I am a certified holistic nutritionist + health and wellness coach. I teach sustainable lifestyle practices that get you away from chronic disease and towards long-term health and happiness. I have a huge passion for food, nutrition, and HEALING your body. I know what it feels like to be sick, desperate, and stuck in harmful habits you don’t know how to get out of. 


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